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Routine Dental Checkups

Regular preventive care is vital for good  dental health and helps to avoid lifelong problems.

Brushing, flossing your teeth and regular six monthly dental checkups are  crucial  in preventing teeth from getting decayed and also help avert gum disease. Dr. Joshi emphasises the importance of good dental health habits in all age groups which include dietary habits and lifestyle habits as well.When you come in for your six monthly checkups, we have a complete check of your mouth  including your  teeth ,tongue ,  gums, and surrounding soft tissues. We then scale and clean your teeth,  polish them for removing stains and apply fluoride .This helps to keep  your mouth healthy until you next visit us.In case you require any further treatment we will talk through all of the options best suited to you to manage your condition.

How Often Should I Visit a Dentist?

A person with healthy gums and teeth needs to visit the dentist for a regular exam every 6 months. In case you have gum disease you may need to visit the dentist and least thrice or 4 times a year. You can let us know if you feel you have symptoms of gum infection like:

  • Foul breath
  • Gums that bleed
  • Mobile teeth
  • Heavy buildup of tartar
  • Gumlines that are receding