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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a routine procedure  used to solve  several dental problems.A tooth that is heavily infected warrants immediate care and sometimes cannot be saved.. Some people are extremely anxious about undergoing an extraction . However contemporary effective painkillers and contemporary techniques in dentistry have made this procedure extremely safe and painless.Dr Joshi  will inform you if an extraction is necessary for  reasons like damage, infection, or any wisdom tooth problems. Wisdom teeth or third molars are the very last teeth to come through at the back of your mouth and generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 24.

If there is enough space for them to come out then and wisdom teeth come through straight and cause no problems. However, sometimes there is not enough space at the back of the mouth  for them to fully come out and which causes them to become ‘impacted’. W.isdom teeth often come in angled vertically or horizontally or even  poorly aligned.When this occurs, there is a likelihood that they may damage the adjacent soft tissues or teeth They then need prompt attention and a probable extraction.Most of the  surgical extractions are performed in the clinic with the help of a state art Peizo surgery machine causing less trauma,minimum discomfort and faster postoperative healing 


Removal of a wisdom tooth is a very common procedure and  in most cases  is straightforward and can be managed using local anaesthetic..However, in some cases factors such as the tooth’s size, shape and position of the tooth or its size make extraction more difficult. In such cases we may refer patients to a specialist oral surgeon who is skilled in dealing with more complex cases .