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Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth gets infected most  likely it will need a root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is a  procedure where once damaged, in  a tooth’s diseased  pulp is removed, cleaned shaped and then is  replaced with a filling material.  This procedure seals off the root canal. When the pulp is infected or dead, if left untreated, pus could  build up at the tip of the root in the jawbone and then forms an abscess. This  abscess could then destroy the  surrounding bone of the tooth and cause severe pain. 

The most common causes of pulp damage or death are:

  • A deep cavity 
  •  A cracked tooth
  • An injury to the tooth such as a severe knock either in the past or recently

Root Canal Treatment generally  takes  three appointments to complete. Most teeth can have one to four canals that need to be treated. An opening is created at the back of a front tooth or at the top surface the crown of a premolar or molar  to access the nerve. This is followed by removing the abscessed nerve  from the root or roots. The canals are then cleaned and shaped and a sedative  medication (to enhance healing) may be placed.

    When it has been determined that there is no infection in any of the canals they are filled with a special thermoplastic  material and then  sealed with a cementing medium. The abscessed area underneath  the tooth will then begin to recover. It could take a few  months before the soreness in teh area disappears  and for the tooth to recover. After the completion of the root canal treatment the tooth is usually restored with an onlay or  crown. This  protects the tooth and prevents chances of tooth fracture. Failure to follow mandatory restorative procedures after a root canal treatment on a previously uncrowned tooth can cause it to fracture. If there is very little tooth structure remaining, we could suggest use of a post and core in order for the tooth to the tooth retain its final restoration. We will discuss with you the best option suited to you tooth .Root canal therapy is carried out  under local anaesthesia and is  painless and may feel like getting a filling done but will take longer.  Root canal treatments generally have good Success rates and one can expect to have a functional tooth after having the treatment done.  If good  oral hygiene is maintained and  the treated  tooth is protected with a crown, then the tooth should last a long time.

    Root canal treatment is an excellent option in order  to save the tooth as otherwise the tooth would need to be extracted..

    If you have any questions regarding root canal treatment about the root canal , please feel free to talk to us