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Dental Implants

Dental implants help replace missing tooth/teeth.. It is an alternative for dentures/ bridges. Implant-supported replacement teeth are generally stable and comfortable for patients.Dental implants posts are  made of titanium. These are  carefully placed in the  jawbone to replace the  missing tooth.Over a period of time, the bone cells unite with the  titanium posts to act  like your original tooth..Once the implant  stability )has been assessed, a crown is attached  onto it. At Crystal Dental Care we use the DIO implant system to digitally plan your case  and design  to ascertain  the implants are precise and  accurate  leaving nominal room for error.Our prices are very affordable and we have payment options to help you cover the cost of your treatment without stress.The Initial consultation involves a complete  oral examination , assessment of the the scans and  xrays alongwith  also the patients suitability for the procedure. If suitable,  we take an impression to fabricate  the surgical guide from the dental lab .The implant is then placed in the mouth using  local anaesthetic.  After a period of three or four  months you will be recalled for the final tooth restoration. The stability of the implant is again assessed. Suitable  xrays are done to confirm the same. 

The DIO dental implant system is designed in order for  dental implants to be comfortable safer  and  faster for the patient.It uses dental technology to determine  the exact  placement of the implant in your mouth. A very minimally  invasive incision surgery is used to in order create keyholes in the correct position, in which implants are placed. This helps  avoid  opening the incision again and is considered ‘flapless’ surgery.Benefits of DIO implants include greater accuracy and also reducing inflammation, bleeding, infection  and chances of nerve damage during the procedure a. Since DIO implants are minimally invasive, recovery is faster. They are also suitable for patients with chronic conditions like blood pressure and diabetes.