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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective and fast, way to remove stains and  lighten teeth . It is an excellent  way to boost your confidence. With whiter teeth patients are very  happy with the results and recommend their  their family and friends get it done as well..Professional and professional  at-home treatments are available which are more effective than any over-the-counter treatments. We have two types of teeth whitening services:

In the office:

This is a 45 minute teeth whitening procedure done in the office with our bleaching system. It is efficient and affordable. The advantages include the immediate results and the dentist is able  to evaluate your teeth from from the start to finish.. .

At Home Technique:

The take home  teeth whitening system  is where  Customised Trays are made to cover both  top and bottom teeth. One or two boxes of whitening solution are generally required.. Trays can be worn either during the day or while sleeping .It can be used daily , or at least few  times a  week, for a few weeks.Trays can be kept  for further  use with only a syringe of whitening gel needed to top up and whiten  teeth.