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Crown and Bridges

Crowns help restore severely damaged teeth or teeth with large or previously done fillings. You may need a crown if you have a badly fractured tooth or you have had a root canal treatment in your tooth. A crown makes the tooth stronger and also helps it last longer.

All of our crowns are tooth coloured and  made by Australian Labs and every restoration is customised inorder for it to replicate the tooth and blend in with all the other teeth. Only the most durables and esthetic materials are utilised for its making..

Placing a dental crown usually requires 2  appointments. The first appointment would be to prepare your tooth by reducing your tooth from all sides for the crown to fit over. The dentist will also take impressions of your teeth to create a mould and send it to the labs for fabrication.

The second visit will be a few weeks later to cement in the permanent crown.

 Fixed bridges replace missing teeth with false teeth and they  are connected to each other . Some people may use this as an alternative to dentures. If  you have a gap due to missing teeth and have healthy teeth on either side of the gap  you might need  a dental bridge.