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Children’s dental care

Children’s dentistry is important to our practice. We believe that the best approach is prevention. At crystal Dental Care we encourage kids to have regular check-ups with our dentist so as to reduce the need for future  expensive treatments. It is best  to bring your child to the dentist as soon as their baby teeth erupt. Developing good oral habits at an age along with  being comfortable in the dental chair is vital.. Dr. Joshi encourages children of all ages  to  visit and get familiarised with our environment .The Australian Dental Association recommends children to have their first visit to the dentist at the age of twelve months.

We provide an assessment of your child’s oral health  and may suggest preventive procedures like dietary changes, sealants, additional fluoride, sealants or  space maintainers. We also provide required  procedures like  stainless steel crowns, habit-breaking appliances, fillings etc. 


Fluorides have demonstrated to be one of the  most efficient agents in order to prevent cavities or dental decay. They make the teeth stronger and protect them against acidic foods, hot and cold temperatures, or even  stress caused  by chewing hard foods.

At Crystal Dental Care , we apply fluoride  to your tooth surface via  a Gel /Foam. Application  of topical fluoride periodically  after a professional  clean of teeth goes a long way in maintaining your mouth cavity free.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Prevention is better than cure. Getting timely and very simple procedures you can keep your childs mouth cavity free throughout your life. Pit and Fissure sealants are important in preventing decay and help avoid   undergoing  dental discomfort and pain, and also  complicated dental treatment procedures in the future.The sealants  seal the grooves on the molar teeth by flowing into the grooves of the teeth and then hardens so that no food particles or bacteria stay on the tooth surface   and hide in these areas causing teeth to decay.They also make the chewing surfaces easier to clean.

Child Dental Benifit Schedule

It is an initiative from Medicare which allows eligible children aged  2- 17 years, to access basic dental services. Under this scheme we  bulk-bill for all items  and you will not need to  pay out of pocket  for these services, provided you have enough funds available under the benefit cap.

Eligible children can avail  up to $1,000 over two consecutive years for the above services.The CDBS provides individual benefits for several services including examinations,cleaning, fissure sealing,  x-rays, fillings cleaning, extractions and  root canals. However,  these benefits do not cover  orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital.

Not sure if your child is eligible? Call us and we can check for you

If you are not sure of your child’s eligibility, call us on 96766036